How WeFixMoney is helping those impacted by the Government Shutdown.

As the government shutdown becomes one of the longest in modern history, many workers have already missed a paycheck.

As the negotiations for the government shutdown heads into day 24, many federal employees have already missed a paycheck.  According to many sources, an end does not appear to be in sight. As we said many times before many Americans are only one paycheck away from being in a financial emergency.

So, partnered with WMMJ, WKYS, and WPRS in Washington, DC this week to help those impacted by the government shutdown in the DC Metro area.

Shutdown the Shutdown Contest

Starting on January 14, 2019, and ending on January the 20, 2019, 1 winner will be selected daily and awarded $1,00 courtesy of

Here are the rules for the contest and how to enter.


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Government shutdown

Author: Danielle Thomas

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