How Does WeFixMoney Work? Here’s the way customers get up to $2,500.


WeFixMoney is a one-stop shop for funding.

Ever needed some extra cash for an emergency? WeFixMoney customers often need to cover those sudden expenses that we all face.

Auto and home repairs are not only a pain, but they can compromise your well being. If you encounter this type of expense, often times you can’t delay getting the work done until your next paycheck. WeFixMoney can Wefixmoneyhelp. Many customers receive money by the next business day.

No matter what expenses you face, could work with you.

Customers can get as much as $2,500 after getting approved. Approvals are based on a few key factors.

Approved WeFixMoney Customers

In order for a customer to get approved, they should have income. So, whether you have a job or receive benefits in the form of social security, disability, or retirement: income is important to prove that you have a method to repay funding.

Next, your income should be at least $800 per month. If receive less then that, unfortunately, you will not be approved through our network.

This service is for adults only! In order to use this service, you must be at least 18 years or older.

One part of qualifying is having a checking account. You should also receive your income in the form of a direct deposit. The checking account information allows a deposit of the loan if approved and repayment will come in the form of automatic withdrawals.

No worries though, our site is completely safe and secure. Your information is kept safe and secure and we do not store your information, except what we use for marketing purposes.

To be clear, some states do not allow this sort of funding.

How the Process Works

Once you complete and submit the form at, you could be approved in around 3 minutes. If approved, you would be connected with a lender. This happens in a few different ways.

You might be redirected to an offer page. The offer would be outlined with details on payment amounts and frequency.

In some cases, you could receive a phone call from your lender. On this call, you might be directed to confirm certain information or required to send needed documents electronically.

Our offers are typically installment loans. This provides our customers the time and flexibility to repay their loan. Payments are usually made over months or 1 year.

Interest rates and payments vary and depend on the lender and other factors. When you are approved, you will receive information about interest rates.

Credit is not considered for approval, however, credit checks may be performed by lenders. Find out more about our credit considerations here.

Author: Danielle Thomas

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