Hard-Working Americans Still Limited in Access to Credit

After the credit crisis of 2008, more and more Americans were left with limited access to credit despite not doing anything wrong themselves. Banks were unwilling to make loans to people for even the simplest of reasons. As a result, more and more people who deserve small cash advances can not get them anymore.

Thankfully, there is a resource like WeFixMoney.com that has an extensive nationwide network of lenders that can get consumers access to credit. WeFixMoney.com works with over 100+ lenders that can get consumers up to $1000 in sometimes less than 24 hours.

Additionally, when a consumer uses WeFixMoney.com, they know their transaction is safe and secure. Customer service is a phone call or email away.

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Spring is Here!

How are Grandmas, Uncles, Brothers, Cousins, Co-Workers and the Pizza Delivery Guy all related?

All of them have probably told you that nothing in life is free. While that adage is probably true for most things, WeFixMoney.com can tell you that we have found something that breaks that mold! Our 100% Free Search allows you to match-up your needs with our nationwide network of lenders to see if we can get you the cash you need. You simply input your information (no credit checks are performed) and you can get matched up with a lender who can get you cash. The search is that simple!

You have the decision to decide if you want the loan after the lender offers you the cash. It’s a safe, simple and secure process.

Why not give it a shot?

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Hoop it Up!

According to some estimates, $7 billion dollars will be wagered on this year’s Men’s College Basketball tournament. While it’s all fun and games, that is definitely a ton of money! When unexpected events come up in your life, not all of us have the money to be betting on hoops.

WeFixMoney.com is designed for those unexpected events when things you didn’t expect surprise you.

The reason we’ve been able to help as many customers as we have is our personal touch and the ability to always talk to us when you need something. Whether it is through our attentive customer service or our phone number (1-877-66-WEFIX), we are always here for you.

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Leap Day Love

February 29th is a rare day. Let’s face it, it only comes around every four years and it’s special.

With March just one day away, why not make this month special too? Do you want a couple extra dollars of spending money? Need a few dollars to get you over the hump? Rent, kids, whatever the reason, WeFixMoney.com can help.

Our nationwide network of lenders can get you the cash you need fast.

We’ve found a network of over 100+ lenders that can get you the cash you need–fast.

Fill out our free form and you could be on your way to a great March!

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2nd Annual WORST Valentine’s Day Story Winners Announced!

If you turned on the radio, television or the Internet today (who didn’t) you have heard some sort of sappy story about love. While those stories can certainly be heart-warming, there are also some bad stories about Valentine’s Day. WeFixMoney.com has asked for submissions about your BAD Valentine’s Day stories. The two winners will receive a $100 gift card.

Without further ado, the 2012 Winners of the $100 Gift Card:

Herbert from Virginia : “The worst valentine I ever had was when I was talking to this woman that I was head over heels about. I went out and brought everything that a women should get on Valentines day. Such as flowers, chocolate candies, big Teddy bear, and a whole lots of balloons. While she was at work, her mom had let me in to set everything I brought her in her room. I had set everything so nice and romantic to surprise her. When she got home she seen everything set up. She took everything that was there and thru it straight in the trash can outside and called me to tell me it was over.. She really had hurt my feelings.. My eyes got real watery. I didn’t know what to do or say.”

Mikayla from Oklahoma: “I would have to say I have had the worst Valentine’s Day ever, I was so happy to actually have a Valentine, but he said he didnt know what to get me so we went to the store together to pick out my gifts. So I did and he took them home so we could exchange gifts the next day which was Valentines’ day. So the next day I go over to his house and to give him his gifts and my gifts are gone, and he made up this big long story that he gave my gifts to his aunts, but come to find out he gave half my gifts to his ex girlfriend and the other half to this new girl he was trying to get at. Long story short I took my gifts home and moved on, but im really glad that happened to me because im married and my husband shows me how a real valentines is suppose to be and it make me appreciate what I have now and what the worst valentine missed out on. :)

How the Process Works!

The 4-step process at WeFixMoney.com

  • 1. Customer fills out our FREE form.
  • 2. WeFixMoney.com matches customer with participating lender based on personal information and the specific requirements of the lender.
  • 3. After being redirected to lender’s website, terms and conditions are presented.
  • 4. Lender either accepts or rejects the application. If the application is accepted and the applicant accepts the terms, cash is deposited in your account.