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 Kanye Upstaged By His Baby

With all the publicity for his newest release, Yeezus, Kanye West found himself in a media blitz for the birth of his first child. Kim Kardashian delivered a healthy baby girl over the weekend at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Social media and blogs were awaiting any bit of information leaked about the birth. Meanwhile, Kanye had built up buzz about his newest album by holding a series of listening events as well as projection images on building around the country. Still, everyone was a little more interested in his performance in the delivery room. Sources at E! report that Mr. West was in the building…by Kim K’s side. The baby weighed in at a little less than 5lbs and 5 weeks early. Kris Jenner even wished Kanye a Happy Father’s Day on Twitter. Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to assure fans that Mom & Baby were doing fine and resting. Wow… Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are parents! Thanks be to Yeezus…

Album in stores now.

“I’m a business…Man…”

While millions watched the NBA Finals Sunday, Jay Z pretty much stole the show… on the commercial break.  During the 3 minute commercial, Jay Z unveiled plans to release a new album in a partnership with Samsung. The deal is set to give the music to 1 million users of Galaxy mobile phones.  The new album is entitiled “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” & will be free for the first 1 million android phone owners who download an app for the album. Pretty genius! According to a release statement, those  who download the app will get the album on July 4, three days before its official release.

The commercial had so many heavy hitting producers including Timbaland, Rick Rubin, Pharrell, and Swizz Beatz. I am so excited for this project. I truly believe Jay Z just changed the game when it comes to music, hip hop, business deals/endorsements, etc. Throughout the commercial, they played various tracks & showed a little of the creative process in the studio. The overall message… It’s time to write new rules. “We don’t have any rules. Everyone’s trying to figure it out,” says Jay Z. “We need to write the new rules.” According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung paid $5.00 a piece for the 1 million copies that will be distributed to Samsung users. “The idea is to really finish the album and drop it,” Jay Z says during the session. “Giving it to the world at one time and letting them share it, and it goes out.”

I’m here for it. Innovation is the key and Jay Z is a one of the very few artists that can innovate and influence. I wish he was my first cousin…

Magna Carta Holy Grail debuts on July 4th


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