Americans Spend More During Summer. Here’s how to come out on top.


Americans spend more than in any other season during the summer.

During summer, according to recent polls, we spend more money in the USA than in any other season. Not surprised? Neither are we.Emergency loan

Between childcare expenses and those pesky AC repairs, summer can leave your pockets empty.

Money for childcare

When schools out, work does not follow suit. We have to make the right accommodations for our children. Average daycare expenses are $200 per week. Where is that extra money supposed to come from?

Camps are not much better. On average they are between $100-$500 weekly. Some may have a relative that can assist in the childcare expenses, but if you do not have that luxury, you might find yourself struggling to cover the costs. can get you up to $2,500 to cover those costs.

Loans for summer vacation?

When you work hard throughout the year, we all feel beat. That’s why summer vacations are a needed commodity. They do not always come cheap. The average yearly vacation is about $2,000-$4,000 for a family that earns $40,000 per year.  Sure, paid vacation time can help, but covering the expense can be hefty.

Afford the downtime that you need. Get a short-term loan from to cover those expenses.

Cash for home repairs

From Ezonomics.

As the weather starts to heat up, nothing is better than getting indoors and cooling down. Well, what do you do when your cooling system breaks down?

Replacing an A/C unit could be between $400 and $5,000. When most Americans do not have the funds to cover a sudden expense, that bill can ruin your summer. When expenses such as A/C repair occur, could help you out.


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