How much does it cost to use WeFixMoney? More about Rates, Fees, and Charges.


What is the cost of WeFixMoney is a free service that helps customers get connected with lenders.

You’ve heard about WeFixMoney, but now you want to know what is the cost of the service. A common question from customers before they apply is “How much do you charge?” or “how much does this cost?” What are WeFixMoney’s rates, fees, or charges?

Our service is free.

WeFixMoney is a one-stop shop.

Our customers visit us and we search our network to see if any of our partners could work with you (that is someone in your state, with your income type, your income amount, etc).

Of course, interest rates vary and depend on the lender that you are connected with. Once you receive an offer, they will outline how much you repay and how frequently.

So when it is time for the payback, there are no surprises.

The Cost of Short-Term Cash Advancescost

Here’s the information available in the terms of service page of

Short term cash advances are intended to be paid off quickly and can be very expensive if utilized as long-term financing. 

Since WeFixMoney is not a lender, we are not able to provide or advertise the actual terms, rates, APRs, or fees associated with the loan you may receive from a lender. The reason for this is that the terms, rates, APRs and fees vary from lender to lender.

For more details on the cost of funding, click here.

How does the process work?

Most of our customers are satisfied with WeFixMoney because our service not only because there is no cost, but because it is easy to use. You submit the free form on our website. Next, we check to see if your specific criteria is a fit for one of our lending partners.

If approved, you will be given an offer and provided details on repayment. Fortunately, you are free to decline the offer.

Qualifying is based on a few key categories:

|Currently, have a job (or receive regular income)
|Make at least $800 per month
|Are 18 years of age or older and a U.S. resident
|Have a checking account
|Other requirements may apply

We require each customer to provide their checking account so that when it is time to deposit funds, the lender has a place to send them, additionally, when it is time for the payback, repayment happens in the form of an automatic debit. This may vary, so ask your lender if you have specific questions related to payback.

What are We Fix Money rates? How much does We Fix Money ( charge?

Rates or fees vary depending on your specific offer. The only way to determine your individual payments would be to visit, complete our free form, and get approved. Once you receive an offer, they will outline how much you repay and how frequently. If you do not like an offer, you are able to decline, with zero commitment.

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